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Presenting Prophecy is for the purpose of learning about the Bible and prophecy with an emphasis on the Pre-Wrath point of view. It is in a Question and Answer format. Members may post questions and may also provide answers. This group is "NOT" for debating. Members must not "flame" or "harass" other members. All questions and answers will be sent to the moderator for approval first before being sent to the entire group. All Questions should be as specific as possible (i.e. "What is Prewrath?" is not a good question because it is too general; "Does the Bible give any Scriptural references about when the rapture will occur?" is a better question.). Genuine questions and answers by those sincerely seeking to know what the Bible says are welcome.

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PreWrath Only Yahoo Group

You can also join another Group that discusses PreWrath Prophecy called "PrewrathOnly". Follow this link for the details about this active Group:

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