by Evangelist Larry Wolfe

"Seven Errors of the
Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory"

(Source in Part: Zion's Fire--July/August 1994)

  • Pre-Tribulation Theory did not exist before 1830 thereby contradicting the first 1800 years of Prophetic thought and the clear teaching of the New Testament and the Early Church Fathers.

  • Pre-Tribulation Theory has no clear Biblical basis of support, but in distinct contrast it does have problem passages which are ignored instead of explained, such as II Thess 2:1-8.

  • Pre-Tribulation Theory incorrectly views substantial portions of the New Testament as having no application to the Church. The complete book of Matthew with the Beautitudes and Great Commission are said to be only for the Jews in order to eliminate the clear teaching of Matthew 24 regarding the timing of the Lord's Return.

  • Pre-Tribulation Theory incorrectly teaches two separate Comings of Christ, one when He comes "for His Church" and the second when He comes "with His Church" without one verse of explanation. There is but one Return of our Lord taught throughout the Old & New Testament, and is never referred to in the plural.

  • Pre-Tribulation Theory incorrectly uses Revelation 3:10 to teach that the Church will not be present during "the hour of testing". This verse in the original language teaches removal out from within the sphere of danger.

  • Pre-Tribulation Theory incorrectly teaches the doctrine of the immininency, at any moment, Return of the Lord. The Bible does teach expectancy of His Return. There were many events that had to take place before the Lord returned: The Destruction of the Temple (Luke 21:6); The Death of Peter (John 21:18,19); Fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19,20); etc.

  • Pre-Tribulation Theory denies the clear teaching of The Lord Jesus Christ---His Return 'after' He cuts short the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21-31). This theme is repeated and expanded upon in Mark and Luke, and is confirmed by the teaching of Paul to the Thessalonian church.

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