End Times Sequence Overview Indicating The Pre-wrath Rapture Doctrine


  1. The Antichrist confirms a [peace] covenant w/Israel beginning the 70th Week of Daniel (Daniel 9:27)
  2. The first 3-1/2 yrs/70th Week are described in Daniel 11:21-30 and the Four Seals (Revelation 6:1-8)
  3. The Abomination of Desolation at the mid-point of the 70th Week indicates the Antichrist setting himself up as God in the Temple of God (Daniel 9:27, 11:31; Matthew 24:15; II Thessalonians 2:3, 4) he brings great tribulation/martyrdom to the saints.(Daniel 11:32ff; Matthew 24:9-14, 16ff; Revelation 6:9-11)
  4. The Sign of the Day of the Lord (Matthew 24:29; Mark 13:24, 25; Luke 21:25; Revelation 6:12-17)
  5. The Sealing of the 144 Thousand Sons of Israel (Revelation 7:1-8)
  6. The Rapture: (Isaiah 26:19-21; Daniel 12:1-3; Joel 2:28-32; Matthew 24:27-31; Mark 13:26, 27; Luke 21:25-28; John 14:3; I Corinthians 15:51, 52; I Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 7:9-17)
  7. The Opening of the Seventh Seal revealing contents scroll/Wrath of God/Day of the Lord Judgments begin: (Revelation 8-19: The Trumpet/Vial Judgments/Destruction of Babylon/Battle of Armageddon)


*Notice: The Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ clearly reveals a continuing chronological order as

the Prophets, the Gospels and the Epistles parallel the Revelation. No one passage records all

End Times information, but, when Scripture is merged every detail is seen in its designed sequence

showing how God will fulfill His promise of rescuing the saints by Rapture from the Antichrist’s

persecution before His Day of the Lord Wrath begins (Romans 5:9; I Thessalonians 1:10, 5:9)


Additional Events

In order for the Antichrist to have the political clout to propose and confirm a covenant with the nation of Israel (Daniel 9:27) he must first rise to power during the time prior to the 70th Week of Daniel. The above sequence of End Time events supplies a basic order of things to come. However, this list is not exhaustive for there are many other events that will occur during the End Times in concert with this list such as The Sending of Elijah to Restore All Things as prophesied by Malachi 4:5,6 and the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 17:11).


The above sequence gives the student of prophecy an outline of major events in order to formulate an accurate picture of the End Times as it unfolds. These events will have global effect even though the focal points of the End Times are the land of Israel, the Jews and Jerusalem. The Antichrist will set up his headquarters in Jerusalem (Daniel 11:45) but his ruthless rule will effect the entire planet (Revelation 13:1-18).


The 70th Week of Daniel which is the restored Old Covenant dispensation (Daniel 11:28-32) will bring with it the same practices as were prevalent during the first 483 years/69 weeks of this 490 year period as evidenced by the following Old and New Testament prophecies concerning the nation of Israel and their holy city Jerusalem: (The first three prophecies have already been fulfilled during the last (60) years: God is continuing His preparation of the planet and His people for His Coming and the climactic Day of the Lord Judgments)

1. The Jews will be a people/nation (Daniel 9:24)

  1. The Jews will be in the promised land (Deuteronomy 30:5; Daniel 9:24; Matthew 24:16)
  2. The Jews will occupy/control their “holy city Jerusalem (Daniel 9:24)
  3. The prophet Elijah will be sent to revive/restore (Malachi 4:5,6; Matthew 17:11; Mark 9:12)
  4. The “holy covenant” will be restored (Daniel 11:28-32)
  5. “The temple of God will be rebuilt (Daniel 11:31; II Thessalonians 2:1-4; Revelation 11:1, 2)
  6. The “holy place” included (Matthew 24:15)
  7. The “regular sacrifices” will be instituted (Daniel 8:11, 12, 9:27, 11:31, 12:11)

9. The Jews will worship in the temple of God (Revelation 11:1, 2)

10. The “Sabbath” will be honored (Matthew 24:20)

11. Prophets will be sent to the people (Malachi 4:5, 6; Revelation 11:3-17)

12. The “twelve tribes of Israel will be recognized and later sealed for protection (Revelation 7:3-8, 9:4)

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