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    (......My Personal Testimony continued from previous page)

      .....My wife had become a born-again Christian ten years earlier. She saw the trouble I was going through was following a previous pattern that had ended by two brief stays in "mental institutions." The world's remedies for treating mental/emotional problems (which in reality are sin-caused spiritual problems) did not provide a cure for my sin-sick soul. The condemnation of sin is not limited to just "bikers" and "down-and-outers" for even moral, respectable people are sinners who need a Savior. My wife knew my only hope was the Lord Jesus Christ, and with my permission, she began putting Scripture verses in my lunch box to try to give me stability in my mind.

      It was during this final crises period that I saw some "religious literature" concerning a Bible seminar on the desk of a former friend who had "gotten religion" a few years earlier. I picked it up & took it home to show my wife, thinking, "Maybe this could be what I need to straighten out my life."


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